This I Believe

walter - san diego, California
Entered on November 28, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

When I was younger I felt that I needed to take care of other people before worrying about myself. When I was little, I remembered having only enough change to buy a soda at the concession stand for myself. My girlfriend was bagging and bagging me for a soda so I ended up buy her a soda instead. Would you have done the same thing? It may sound selfish but I really wanted to be happy and drink a soda all by myself.

As life went on, I’ve always made women happy especially my mother. Anything I could do to make her happy, I would do it. Having to raise three children by herself isn’t a walk in the park, but my mom was superwomen and she deserves every ounce of happiness she can handle. No matter what I wanted she would always come first. She was correct in everything she did. As I enter my fourth semester of college, I still haven’t swallowed everything my mother has fed me. My mom is perfect but I still don’t always listen and grasp what she teaches me, especially when it come to relationships. She’s always telling me what I have to do. Still, I’m hard headed and stubborn like I was when I was kid.

Relationships can be happy and fun. I treat the women with respect. I treat her like I would treat my mom. Buying things, cooking things, and even making sacrifices by not hanging with the guys. But what it really comes down to, I should be treating her like a queen right? Well it’s easier said then down. But what happens when she wants more and more and I don’t know what else to do? I want to make her happy and make her feel that she’s the luckiest girl on earth right? But she still demands for more.

I believe that in order to be happy in a relationship, you need to make yourself happy before you start to worry about anything else. Girls come and go my mother would say but she to knows that I need to look out for myself first then worry about others.

Relationships are good for the soul but they don’t always work out. Don’t let others walk all over you especially if you’re not happy. Be yourself and do treat women with respect but don’t let them take you for granted or ruin your life. Be yourself. Make you happy before you make anyone else happy. Be yourself. Remember, you mother is always right.