This I Believe

Chris - Ohio, Ohio
Entered on November 27, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe

I believe you shouldn’t have to do things you don’t want to because someone else thinks its right. I believe this because; I have had to put up with something that I hate my entire life. I don’t want to break this persons heart. I wish, I wish I could express my feelings to them but, I don’t want to break their heart. I never want to see them hurt, so I put myself through the pain and torture of this unfortunate event time and again. I try and try to keep it inside but I fear one of these days I wont be strong enough to keep it inside anymore. I love this person to death so when my secret comes out I hope they don’t cry to hard because I am quite sure they will cry and cry for this I am sure. I really, really, really wish it didn’t have to be this way but I can’t keep doing this forever I really hope u can forgive me when I tell you Mom……

I finally told my Mother the big secret, she was disappointed as I knew she would be. She told my Grandpa who seemed even more disappointed then she was and my Dad Ahhh, my Dad he kept it on the inside but I knew it hurt him too. The family seemed to be changed molded and then re molded again by my actions. This is very upsetting in my eyes but every time I succumb to not quitting because of my parents I finally broke the self-conflict and just did it. Yes it hurt the family, possibly tore them apart but its for the best. I believe my choice was the right one to do this my parents are glad I did it and at the same time very sad inside and don’t know if they will ever get over that.

This is my I believe and I do believe that I made the right choice.. For everyone who reads this I do believe you should quit whatever you don’t want to do even if it has consequences because you don’t ever want to regret the time you lost like I did. Years of my life wasted because I didn’t stop when I was ahead………..