This I Believe

Jessica - Claremont, California
Entered on November 27, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that every human being has a predetermined day they are going to die. I am not a strong believer in God, I like to think people can believe in themselves and that makes them strong. I don’t think people need a higher power to survive, but I do believe God determines how long every individual will live. I don’t think he determines lengths of lives by previous lives or even a family’s history, I think it simply has to do with population control.

The world would not work if everyone lived until they were one hundred. People need to die for the world to function. I am not saying that I don’t grieve for the families that lose newborns or the children that lose their parents before they can live on their own. I believe death is a horrible thing, but I also believe it is necessary. The newborns that are lost or the people that die before they “should” are not being punished by God, but were next in line for a short life. Those that live a full and long life are the people that had the luck of the draw and received the gift of life.

I believe the days that people are set to die are predetermined, but I think the time and place depend on where the person is and what they are doing. This enters the subjects of fate and destiny. I believe in modified versions of the two. I believe that people’s destinies are the amount of time they have to make their own fate. A person’s destiny is predetermined and cannot be changed, but people’s fate is entirely determined by their own actions and work ethic. I do believe that a person can accomplish anything they want to, but it requires a tremendous amount of work. I believe that every person is set to accomplish a goal, but they only have a certain amount of time to do so.

This belief is the only explanation I can think of for parents having to outlive their children and children losing their parents before they can talk. I have adopted this belief only in the past few years and it lets me live more dangerously than I did without a predetermined day to die. I am terrified of riding roller coasters because I don’t understand how all the weight is supported by a few bars of steel and the same goes for ski lifts, how are all those people held by one rope? My fear of roller coasters and ski lifts has prevented me from going to Disney Land and enjoying family ski trips, two things I really enjoy now. My new belief allows me to get on a roller coaster and a ski lift because if I am meant to die that day by falling off a ski lift or because my harness wasn’t locked, then so be it. This belief allows me to push myself. I believe I am living a fuller life because of it.