This I Believe

Michael - Simi Valley, California
Entered on November 27, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: pleasure

I believe the word “if” is one of the worst words a person can say. This belief occurred to me the other night at a casino. My brother, a friend, and I all went to an Indian Casino last month to gamble and have a good time. I decided to try my hand at poker, while my brother and friend tried roulette. About two hours later I was down sixty dollars so I decided to play some blackjack to make back some of the money I had lost. I started with twenty dollars and ended with fifty. But I was still in the hole thirty dollars so my friends convinced me to play roulette. I ended up winning my all of money back, so I should have been happy right?

Wrong, the whole night I was thinking, “What if I never played poker.” This means I would have made sixty dollars instead of just breaking even.

That night I started thinking about how greedy I was. I also thought about how many times I’ve said, “What if”, or “If only”. I think we all tend to be unsatisfied and think about what could have happened, or what will happen, instead of living in the present. I also believe that in doing this we take away from enjoying life. Instead of just being happy in certain situations, like being happy to score an 89% on a test, we ruin the enjoyment by wishing for more, and get pissed off we were only one percent away from an A.

I believe we should enjoy life while we still can. We should be happy to score an 89% on a test, and the thought of being one percent away from an A should not even cross our minds. I think we should be happy for today, and not worried for tomorrow.

I believe in being happy when you walk out of a casino, after a whole night of gambling, with just as much money as when you walked in. I believe this because life is full of “If’s”, and we can’t do anything about it so why worry? Enjoying life the way God intended us to, that’s what I believe.