This I Believe

Marisa - Tinton Falls, New Jersey
Entered on November 27, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

“Money can’t buy happiness.” I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve heard these four simple words in my 15 years of life. Hearing this so many times got me to actually think of what it meant. And “can’t”, is certainly not the word i would use in this phrase. Saying “can’t” is like saying, “With the world we live in today, It would not make humans one bit happier if they had no money.”

No, money cannot make one 110% happy with their life but it sure makes them a whole lot happier than they would be without it. Today, the 21st century in America, everything is based on money. Even since the B.C. years, people have been ranked on the status of their bank accounts.

Speaking for myself, I am much happier when i have money in my pocket, than when i don’t. In some ways money exuberates me. Such as, when I leave the house without money, I never stop wondering if I might need some. If I do happen to need money, but don’t have any on me, I usually get frustrated and annoyed. That sure isn’t happy. On the other hand, when I do have money, I feel much better knowing that i can go out and buy anything with no worries and much excitement. Money improves my life on a daily basis.

Money can determine the direction of one’s life. Families or individuals with disposable money can afford more luxuries in life. College for example, people with money can afford to go to better colleges, graduate, and start much further ahead in the real world. Whether or not one can afford designer labled items is another example. Many people I know own at least on designer label item . But, if they don’t, they wish they did. To add to that, there are countless other things that people spend money on that makes then passionately happy!

From my point of view, money certainly can and does buy happiness. And for people who claim that it doesn’t, I don’t understand. If money can’t buy happiness, then why do we use it? Why is half of the world in debt because of all the money that is spent? The reason is, because money does make people happy in every way.