This I Believe

Eric - New Hyde Park, New York
Entered on November 27, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: creativity

I believe in the power of music. The way the right tune can weave its way into your ears and through a brain built for creativity. How a single beautiful note can spark an entire composition. I believe there is no substitution for the acoustics of a hardwood body, the jazz of a brass contraption, the crack and crash of a drum kit.

I believe it took one strum of the strings, one blow of a horn, one smash of a snare to create this passion I have. When I hold in my hands an instrument of harmony and beat, I am unstoppable. Nothing and nobody can tell me “No.” I find myself in a trance, a slave to the music. And it is perhaps the greatest sense known to me.

To put words to a melody provides the greatest comfort. Feeling naked as an infant, a guitar can sooth like a mother’s touch. The way it rocks, the way it rolls. The way it swings, bops, and souls.

I believe music has the power to heal. To function in a soul the way our heart beats for our body. To time a song with the beating in one’s chest is to revive the greatest pleasure. To beat a bass, pluck a string, and blow a horn is to touch another. Music can turn a hardwired being into the most creative and flexible person. Strike the right tone, and grey matter will melt amongst such beauty.

There is no substitute for the way a melody has turned my life around. Expression on display, my music IS emotion. In my mind, it is not a mere representation of such. And so until my dying day, you will find me flexing my musical muscle, and spreading the power of music.