Martha - 94110
Entered on November 27, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50

We, as human beings, should have goals in our life. Each person in this world needs to have dreams and work hard to make them come true. We need to be strong in our commitment every time we set a goal for ourselves. Most of the time, it is hard to follow our dreams because there are many obstacles in our way. Thinking positive and determined to achieve helps us get closer to these dreams. Sometimes I feel like giving up, but I have to be strong and look forward. We see how many people are successful in the world today and one day we can be equally successful with a positive outlook. Even though I have fallen down many times, I believe in the power of determination.

Working in my family’s small restaurant helped me to decide my goals and follow my dreams. I spent my childhood and adolescence working with my family. The restaurant served home-style Mexican food that catered to locals and the occasional tourist. The restaurant became very popular and very busy, making me work hard and be consistent in the kitchen as well as dealing with customers. I learned the overall concept of the business. By training others employees and working as a team. I learned strong management skills. In my opinion, I had a very good foundation for my dreams. Doing all this helped me to continue my experiences and my education which are solid grounds for my belief in the power of determination.

I have always had a dream to work in the kitchen and learn more about food. When I move to the United States I began looking for job in restaurants to further my experiences. My first job was a dishwasher, but my goal was to move forward to other positions more advance that the last. I climbed as quickly as I could up the ladder. In the beginning it was hard to work in a place where I did not know anyone. As tough it was, I paid attention to the people around me who had experience and were willing teach me. Each day I learned more and more and advanced from dishwasher to pantry station. This was a bit more difficult because I had to understand and read recipes and tickets. One year later, I went to another restaurant in which one the chef saw my interest to learn pastry. He taught me some of the basis like cookie dough, which forced me to read and understand a recipe. At the same time I was learning to work in the grill, covering more territory in the kitchen. To follow my dream I knew I had to work hard. Even though at the beginning learning all the processes and following each recipe was difficult, I was following my dream to become a chef. As hard as it was, I never gave up on my dreams and that again is the power of determination.

Dealing with people it is another obstacle that I have to overcome because I knew I needed this skill to make my dream come true. In my opinion this was the hardest one. This would not stop me. For instance, last year I got a promotion to be become sous chef. Some of my co-workers are respectful of my position and others were jealous, testing me and my position by breaking the rules. Even this behavior did not stop my determination. Working in the kitchen is a fight every day with people who want to do their own thing and do it their way even if it’s the wrong way. These co-workers do not want to change their own style of work which will set them back from being managers or upper level because they did not follow directions. This behavior did not stop me. I still see it on a daily basis, but as rough as the day is I think of the power of determination and it works for me.

Working in the kitchen with my family helped me a lot. I learned how to work hard and be consistent in my decision I became who I am today. Moving to the United States was one thing that helps me with my dreams. It was hard and still it is, but on the other hand I have learned many things about food and management skills. I can see that my dreams are coming true every day. There is something new to learn everyday, even if it is a bad day. I won’t throw in the towel. I am thankful to my co-workers and friends who help me with my dreams, and for the power of determination.