This I Believe

Lucinda - Logan, Utah
Entered on November 27, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: pleasure

“There shall be Order in all Jello Salads”

I believe in orange jello with mandarin oranges in it. You can tell a lot about an individual by what kind of jello they prefer. You have your red jello with fruit cocktail people who like tradition. Then there is the green jello and pineapple individuals who are more new age and spunky. Of course there are plain jello connoisseurs who really don’t have much adventure in their lives and have never graduated from the simply love of plain jello as a child. I would not put myself in anyone of these categories. I am a mandarin orange gal. I like things to be orderly and neat but still have a flare for fun.

One of the most common social problems with jello is the inevitable dying of the tongue. Worst of all, you usually are unaware of the sudden color change and therefore keep rambling on as if nothing were different. Orange jello is the solution to this problem. All though it may dye your tongue, orange is a color that easily blends and therefore, does not flash itself like blue or green. Along the lines of dying, some jellos are simply not appetizing to look due to the mixing of colors. For instance, green jello with pineapple may be pleasing to the mouth, but to the eye it is abominable! Pineapple with hints of green seeping into them is not my idea of a gorgeous salad. Mandarin oranges are already orange hence eliminating yet another common problem with jello salads, the running of colors.

Jello has a very unique texture. It is rubbery yet mushy. For some this could be undesirable. However, adding fruit brakes up this texture and keeps the tongue constantly entertained. Also, the sweet yet slightly tart combination is delectable!

Orange also appears to be a neutral flavor. Not to say that there isn’t someone who dislikes orange, but it is much more common to hear complaints about banana or possibly grape flavors. Visually orange is a very pleasant and optimistic color. It is also much more appetizing than green, purple, or blue. Therefore, it stimulates positive talk around the dinner table.

Due to these reasons and a person preference, I prefer orange jello with mandarin oranges. It is the perfect combination of order yet a dash of spunk. So, next time you are assigned a salad, remember orange jello salad with mandarin oranges. It is a sure crowd pleaser.