This I Believe

Steven - Reno, Nevada
Entered on November 27, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: integrity, work

The thing I believe in this world more than anything else is, simply, fairness. When you think about it fairness is far more complex then just being nice to one another. Fairness includes receiving what you work for and deserve, and this can include jobs, chores, school, and more. Fairness also includes not getting what you don’t deserve and don’t work hard for.

In a way fairness also includes karma because what goes around comes around, and if you do something wrong you deserve to have it come back to you. I believe that people deserve to be treated the way they treat you and the other way around. If someone says or does something bad then they need to be punished in the way so they realize what they’ve done whether it be through direct confrontation or guilt. A person who has done something wrong shouldn’t be punished excessively or too harshly.

Fairness comes in many shapes sizes, and forms and for me an example is my weekly chores. I have a list of chores which I have to do if I am to get an allowance. If I skip a chore or don’t do it well enough then I don’t get any allowance, which prompts me to try harder and get them done. Me and my chores can be an example of receiving what you work for, if a worker works hard and meets all requirements and more then they deserve to ascend the business ladder to a certain point.

All of us deserve something whether we want it or not. If we do something good or that benefits someone then we deserve a type of reward, whether it be a trophy of the warm feeling you get inside of you. If we do something wrong then we deserve something bad from being grounded or a little guilt. All of us deserve a second chance at certain things especially if we couldn’t help it. If someone were to do something intentional and it was for no good then they deserve punishment without hesitation. If a person makes a mistake or does something because they had to do it then they deserve an alternate route outside of punishment.

Punishment isn’t always the answer to things if the person receiving it didn’t intend to do any wrong. If someone messes something up accidentally or is in the wrong place at the wrong time then I feel that they shouldn’t feel any guilt or receive any punishment. If a mistake was made then the person will get something out of it which is learning from their mistake and probably wont repeat it.

Fairness is what I don’t see enough of for me but mainly for others in my daily life.