This I Believe

David - Reno, Nevada
Entered on November 27, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

David Perez



The Way We Question…

I believe in questioning life. Life; where does it come form? Why does it give us so many questions and so little answers? What is our place in the road to life? The way we have developed, is it mere genetic evolution or a gift from God to help us come forth in this new life? The way we have adapted to our environment, beliefs and ourselves has changed the course of human history as we know it.

What I am really trying to say is that the way we challenge and question is funny. We each have beliefs weather religious or personal that help us with these everyday questions in our everyday life. Each of the questions sum up to be in our daily lives every day weather we know the answer to them or not we still continue to live our everyday life. We decide that we will not have huge questions that will probably never be answered to take over our lives.

I also believe in the power of not having dreams. Dreams or a goal are designed to be something you go after as soon as you have made up your mind that that is what you want to do. Being able to pursue it has to be something that you will give something 100% on like the saying “you gota wish hard, pray hard, work hard” – Diddy When you have decided that is what you are aiming for nothing can get in your way. You need to be able to picture it all the way and not back out.

You will have to concentrate on that and not lose sight of it. In dreaming you can accomplish your goal you must move away all distractions and work for it right now! Not later or “soon” it has to be NOW!

That is what I believe in order to accomplish what you need to be successful in life.