This I Believe

Jaime - Plano, Texas
Entered on November 27, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that love should never have boundaries. This came to me when I found out that one of my favorite cousins was marrying another woman. Instead of pitying them, or looking at them in a different way like a lot of my family did, I found it wonderful. In fact, I found it insightful and beautiful. Because if having a diverse orientation is the way of love, why not just let it be?

This is also true with love of different religion. I have a close Jewish friend who was only allowed to date and marry another Jew. While I can’t speak against her parents and their morals, I know my friend is sad and lost in the United States, a country which we call, “The Melting Pot”. Because with so many great religions in this country, and how little of the percent is Jewish, I can only give her my greatest wishes in her attempt to become happy with whomever she ends up with. I believe that she shouldn’t have the worry of only falling in love with someone, and just hoping that the person is Jewish.

In middle school, I found myself engaged with my friends in a cheesy game of “Would you go out with him?” And I had been asked if I would go out with a guy on a wheelchair. Well yeah, I said I would. I was amazed at the disgusted remarks of my so called “friends”, who had obviously a bad sense of judgment. They asked me why, and I answered a little too quickly. Love is too often deceived as lust. You cannot base love solely on physical appearance or anything external. Ever heard of the saying, “It’s the inside that counts”?

Another night, I found myself enraged at a casual dinner conversation with my parents. My mom was discussing a cousin’s divorce with a white man. I can remember her saying, “It’s because he is American. They take divorce lighter than we do.” We, meaning Asians. It was quite possibly the crudest and most controversial remark I had ever heard her say, and I was staring at her in disgust. She was implying that we were of higher class, and I certainly did not agree, because I also believe that each human being is equal. She ended the conversation with, “I hope you marry a nice Chinese man with a good background.” I was also told that if I married someone that she did not approve of, I wouldn’t be supported. This was two years ago, but almost every day since then, I’ve thought about love. Love should never have limitations. This, I believe.