This I Believe

Sam - Reno, Nevada
Entered on November 26, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

With so many forms of media these days, it is easy to be influenced. Now, these media forms can truly change your opinions, but you also have your own. I believe in staying true to and revealing your real self to everyone you know. This may sound like a cliche concept, as many of my beliefs do, but there is merit to these old sayings.

Being true to who you are can sometimes make you feel alienated or be picked on. I will freely admit that it is a bad feeling. I used to be picked on in elementary school. It wasn’t really bad, but I did feel unliked. I moved a lot when i was young, and for some reason, people like to pick on the new kid, just for being new. There was nothing i was going to change about that, so I defended myself from these bullies, and we eventually became friends. I am not hurt at all by this, but i can kind of remember what it was like to be ridiculed.

Alienated people tend to change themselves to be accepted. This is just like throwing your originality out the window. For example, say someone falls in love with you. Except you are really pretending to be something that you’re not. This facade is going to break down someday, and that person would be very hurt by all the fakeness that they fell for. Now evaluate yourself. If, for some reason, you had to move to a foreign country tomorrow and leave everyone behind, what would you like to be remembered for or by? If you don’t show yourself to everyone, obviously people will never know the real you; never truly appreciate you as a person. Your character is unique and individual and that is something to rejoice in.

I now believe in showing my true self, and all my beliefs, to everyone. I like to share God and my Christianity with people, even in ways like this! I believe in making people feel like they are accepted, no matter who they are. I believe in loving everyone and being predisposed to do so. I believe in encouraging others, cause you never know who may need that extra little boost. I believe in not looking for the good in others, but finding it, because it is there. I believe in being myself.