Life Is About Tubing

Bryant - Cincinnati, Ohio
Entered on November 26, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: pleasure

I believe in enjoying the good moments of life.

For many years of my life, I was frustrated with everything around me. I didn’t hate high school, but I didn’t really like it either. Schoolwork wasn’t hard enough to merit studying but also wasn’t easy enough for me to get straight A’s. I felt as though I had entered a mid-life crisis at the tender age of sixteen. Every week was the same. I wasn’t sad or depressed, but I wasn’t happy either. I was just alive. Even in the moments where I was happy all I could think about was Monday and the start of next week. It was bad time.

Then I went on vacation. We decided to go to Deer Creek Lake outside of Columbus. I had been looking forward to this break in monotony for quite a while. But when I got there, all I could think about was the vacation ending. All I was doing was swimming, boating, and playing cornhole with family and friends, but it was all tainted by the thoughts of going back to my “life.” On the last day, we decided to go tubing. I had been tubing before, but not in years. I decided to be the brave one and go first. I jumped on the tube and began the ride of my life. As I made my way outside of the riff and started to skim across the glass-like water everything seemed so clear. But then my uncle turned. And, he turned sharp. As my body flew wildly from the inflatable donut that I was grasping to for dear life, I had epiphany. This is what life is supposed to be. Living is not about getting through the bad stuff, it’s about enjoying the good stuff.

Now I have finally made it to college and I am enjoying every moment. But I don’t look back with regret. It took the bad times to realize the good times. Even more that though, it took the bad times to truly enjoy the good times. Other people can skim across the water not understanding what their happiness really means, but it’s when you’re thrown into the water that you understand what life is all about. Enjoy the good moments, because that is what’s important. It’s as simple as it true. This I believe.