This I Believe

Joseph - albany, New York
Entered on November 26, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: freedom, war

I believe

I believe that freedom is not free. I think that we should fight for our freedom and if we do things that are not good we lose our freedom. I am trying to say that we have to earn our freedom and under special circumstances have it taken away.

I do not like wars but we have to have them or else we will lose our freedom. We have been fighting wars as long as man has been walking the earth. People who fight wars are the people I have the most respect for. Freedom is not free but because of these people it is for us. People in other countries do not have freedom because it is not free although I also belive that freedom is somthing for all to enjoy.

Another reason I belive that freedom is not free is because of the soliders dying. Although we have freedom we have to pay the price of friends and family getting killed while fighting.

This is why I belive that freedom is not free.