This I Believe

Quenton - Newberry, South Carolina
Entered on November 26, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe know matter who you are, and what you do in your life you shouldn’t hide yourself just to please others. Have you ever pretended to be something your not just to cover up your true identity? People can live a double life whether it’s a professional reputation you try to maintain, or something you do for your own personal pleasure in the dark. I was a victim of a double life scenario until I came to the realization to believe in who I am.

The world is full of taboos and things that shouldn’t be practiced. One taboo is homosexuality, simply because many people see it as an unacceptable lifestyle to live. In many cultures it is looked down upon to the point where people with these feelings have to hide their true identity just to be accepted by society. I can witness to having to hide my self to please family and friends simply because it was accepted. Some people can accept it, but being an African American male puts a big blocking stone in being accepted by your family and friends. I have been through the mental abuse of being degraded with name calling and predictions of failure over my life from my family just because I have chosen to live a lifestyle that’s out of, what is seen in their eyes as normal.

I choose this lifestyle by choice I wasn’t born into it, their want any genetic coding in my genes that made me this way, nor was I forced, it’s simply a choice and I believe with anyone in this lifestyle it is most of the time a choice. I wish people could see the way I live through my own eyes, yes its fun and can be in a since glamorous to the eye, but it can also be dangerous. Once you come out you take a risk of losing half of what you accomplished as far as friendships, and love ones, but at the same time you gain respect and integrity for being real and truthful with everyone for once in your life. Living a life of denial is not healthy for anyone. Why would you suppress yourself just to be accepted by others you may wonder? I suppressed myself because of fear of not being seen the same way I am while in the closet so to speak, rather than being out of the closet and people knowing my sexuality. Not everyone is comfortable with homosexuality and I have found out that the uncomfortable ones are only uncomfortable; because they share the same feelings you have and feel threatened that by being around you or being friends with you publicly they may expose their own self to the public unwillingly.

I believe that society should be more accepting of those males that want to come out and live a life of free, without having to feel ashamed. No one sin is greater than the other and we have all failed to realize that. I feel that life is too short to live by someone else’s judgment, no matter who you are and what you choose to be you should live your life to the fullest with no regrets.