This I Believe

Megan - Americus, Georgia
Entered on November 26, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Miracles really do happen! I know this for a fact, because I have a really good friend that is a true walking miracle. His name is Jake. Jake is a fellow classmate of mine and in March of 2007, Jake was involved in a terrible car accident. It was a car accident that threw him approximately 50 feet from his truck when it overturned several times.

The local paramedics were called, and soon after arrived and assessed Jake’s injuries and told his family that “it does not look good”. The paramedics were not sure that Jake would even make it to the hospital.

Jake’s close friends and family gathered at the hospital to begin a long agonizing night, alternating between bouts of crying and periods of desperate prayer for his life to be spared. As it turned out, Jake had sustained a severe head injury and several broken bones, as well as several relatively minor cuts and scrapes. He remained in intensive care for ten days. During these ten days, we were not sure what parts of his body were directly affected by the injury. After three days, they began to gradually wake him up. He was in severe pain from a spinal injury that affected his left side, and his speech was extremely slurred. But I was so thankful that he was alive. I just knew that he could get beyond these obstacles and make a full recovery. After the ten day stay in intensive care, Jake was transferred to a children’s hospital for rehabilitation.

In the second week that he was in the children’s hospital, I went to visit him. It was very hard because he did not seem like the same person that I knew. His movements were awkward and he was very emotional, but he persevered through all of his therapy and did manage to recover from his terrible injuries.

The reason that I know that miracles do happen is when Jake wrecked and was thrown from his truck, he slid those fifty feet face down on asphalt and did not even have a scrape on his face. Also, his family was told that nothing could be done for him and today he is working and attending college. So, after seeing him lying in that hospital bed, hooked up to every kind of machine imaginable, I firmly believe that miracles do happen.