This I Believe

Tina - Casa Grande, Arizona
Entered on November 26, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50

A little over five years ago, my son was born. He was my first child, and I was so looking forward to his birthday. I researched information about doctors, nurse practitioners, as well as hospitals and birth centers in order to be prepared for the best possible birth experience. I chose Bethany Birth Center in Phoenix for my prenatal care. Even though the birth center was thirty-three miles away from my house, much further than the nearest hospital, I felt the doctors and nurse midwives there would provide the care I wanted for my baby and myself.

The prenatal care I received was wonderful; I liked the doctors but found that I felt especially comfortable with the nurse midwives. I was lucky to have a healthy uncomplicated pregnancy so I planned for delivery at the Birth Center with one of the nurse midwives rather than at a hospital with a doctor. Donna was the nurse midwife who took care of me most of the time. When I arrived at the birth center in labor, Donna’s shift was just about to start. I labored for about four hours at the birth center, and Donna sat quietly by my side. She offered support when I needed it, but sat in the rocking chair next to my bed most of the time. When the time came to deliver my son, another nurse came in to assist. Her name was Debbie and she arrived just in time to help make the final preparations for the delivery. As many first time mothers, I became very fearful at that time. Debbie and Donna encouraged me and told me over and over what a great job I was doing. Their support helped me to overcome my fears and push my baby out. During that short, intense period, I felt that I could not have accomplished this monumental task without Donna and Debbie. I will always remember their support, encouraging words, and kind care.

I believe that nurses, nurse practitioners, and doctors attending births have an incredibly important opportunity each time a baby is born to help women and their families make a great new start. The support and care I received during the time my son was born was so extraordinary that I chose to change careers and start preparing for nursing school.

My son is a little over five years old now, and I am about to graduate from nursing school. As I went through my clinical rotations, I found an incredible joy and fulfillment taking care of women throughout their childbearing experience. I feel truly passionate about helping mothers and babies get the best possible start in life together. Keeping Donna and Debbie in mind, I will strive to offer the same compassionate, kind, supportive care throughout my own nursing career.