This I Believe

Julianna - Bloomington, Indiana
Entered on November 26, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: purpose

It was a normal school day. I got up ate breakfast and went to school. We are going through our homework from the previous night just like we normally do. Once we are starting a new problem we hear” All fifth and sixth graders to the lobby all fifth and sixth graders to the lobby,” so we line up by the door and head towards the lobby. Once we arrive, we see someone sitting down with three beautiful instruments around her. She plays all three of them and they are so beautiful I couldn’t stand it. They all inspired me to get out and do something. This is only the beginning of my story of how I found to believe that anyone can over come anything and everything that may or may not come in your way. As the days passed I paced more and more not knowing what to do. I chose to play the violin and turned my paper in. As the year passed so did the rehearsals. I had two concerts and according to my teacher we did great. As the next year drew closer and closer we got better and better, we also got more excited. Our second year we had three or four concerts and they did truly inspire me to kick it up a notch and overcome anything that gets in front of me. This year is my third year and the eighth graders encourage us every day. They said we did better than they did their first concert. I then realized we were completing really hard songs that even the eight graders had trouble with. This morning as I walked into the room two things happened, one Mrs.Enzinger was there just as usual but so was Mrs.Gouker! She had just recently gotten surgery on her knee, not to long ago, but surprisingly she made her way secretly to our concert and to our class. She said she was not allowed out yet so we watched carefully for her, we were also happy because she was there and she was happy with it. The second thing that had happen was my friend was walking talking to her friend, so she introduced me to her. She said “Yea Juli is like the most awesome violin player ever!” “Really? I didn’t know I was that good,” “Yea you rocked at your last concert.” I knew just as she said that that my belief had just gotten stronger.