This I Believe

Lindsay - Reno, Nevada
Entered on November 26, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: integrity

One Name Erased

I believe in being honest with myself, as well as with others. The personal feeling of having integrity is more rewarding than the guilty one received after being dishonest and not showing integrity. Integrity can be telling the truth to someone. Integrity is crediting someone else for their work instead of copying it. Why don’t some of these things happen more often?

Most people think that they won’t get ahead by having integrity. But it is completely the opposite. Being deceitful and dishonest will not give any satisfaction of hard work. It will only tear everything worked for down when any form of dishonesty is found out. More jobs will be given when someone shows integrity because a common trait among many people is being dishonest.

I have tried for a long time to always show integrity after I heard a friend share with me why she had chosen to always have integrity. Her choice had gone all the way back to elementary school. She and her father always studied for spelling tests together but one week they forgot. When it came time to take the test, she knew she had failed. She walked by her teacher’s desk and saw the graded tests sitting on the edge in a stack. She saw that Susan’s paper was on top, and she had received 100%. Quickly she erased Susan’s name and wrote her own name instead. The next week, her father received a phone call because the teacher had noticed the eraser smears, and that she had two tests. Her father called her outside, and she said she had never seen his face so disappointed. From then on she promised she would always have integrity. And after hearing that story and knowing how one tiny erasing of someone else’s name impacted her life so much, I have made integrity one of my beliefs. I believe that everyone can choose if they want to have integrity of not. But I know that I have already chosen integrity. Some don’t appreciate it as much as others, but I feel better about myself and know I don’t have to ever worry about covering dishonesty up. One day, my integrity will be noticed, and being completely honest will have paid off. This I believe.