This I Believe

Natalie - Reno, Nevada
Entered on November 26, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: nature

Natalie Denzler


I Believe

Raw Beauty

Recently, I’ve taken the time to step back and admire the beauty that our world has to offer. I believe that nature is a true healer in our world. Whether it’s the sound of waves crashing onto a sandy beach, the smell of fresh pine trees in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, or waking up to the sound of chirping robins, nature’s fierce beauty always lets me escape from my hectic life.

Every year my family and I take a fall vacation to our retreat in Point Reyes, California. With its breathtaking views and misty mornings, Point Reyes is a true vacation. I love to wake up and look out the window at the morning fog creeping over the lush green hills. My dad, the best there is, gets up bright and early and drives to the fresh bakery downtown, and picks up some freshly baked goodies. Now, Point Reyes is a small town so “downtown” is just about one street, which is so cool in itself especially because I come from the big city of Reno. Our days are full of fun and relaxation. We pick up deli sandwiches; turkey, mayo mustard, lettuce, pickles, onions, and Swiss cheese, and head off to the beach. I love the ocean. I love the feeling of the mist that creeps off the top of the water and hits you like a cold morning shower. Walking through the deep soft sand is the best part. Since I live in the desert, I don’t get to experience walking on a beach every day. Whether it’s watching sea otters surf incoming waves, or throwing a Frisbee for my dog to run and catch before the incoming pelicans get there first, the Pacific coast relaxes my soul and lets me leave all my emotional baggage at home. My family and I love to go on vacation and take time to relax and let loose a little. The work world and school can make a person tense. Being out in the fresh air and taking in your surroundings can help release that tension.

I love the feeling of wildlife swimming underneath me as I catch the next wave. It’s a scary and exciting thought in itself, not knowing what’s swimming beneath me. What’s even more frightening about our world, though, is that all this beauty might not be on this planet in the next ten years. We will never know until we come to that place in time, and I believe it’s important to try and save the wild places in our world. Living in the moment is so important. I sometimes forget that my life is so small compared to thousands of lives that surround me. Setting aside some time and reflecting on your life in nature can be a very positive thing.

If I’m feeling stressed after a long six hour day in the classroom at school, I’ll step out onto my back porch and soak in everything I can’t change. Nature. I’ll look at Mount Rose’s snowy peaks and begin to think about Lake Tahoe’s deep blue clarity. The thought of the cold chattering water puts a smile on my face as I remember how much fun we have up there every year. Nature can bring back precious memories. Whether it’s body surfing the waves at Limatour Beach, or hiking the Point Reyes headlands looking for Tule Elk, nature calms my mind with its simple, yet complex ways.