This I Believe

Theodore - Richmond, Virginia
Entered on November 26, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in Rising above: expectations, the “status-quo”, ignorance, views, society, limitations, all fade into bliss by ascension throughout.

I believe in divinity within the human construct; attainable only through peace of mind. I believe in the power of the question—because why shouldn’t I? I believe in taking the first steps out of the chalk circle on the sidewalk that encloses what my parents call “time-out” but contains what I call reasoning and reality, and walking the line of imagination and opulence—because what does that line do?—it never ends. I believe in certain self-identification, but how one knows truly who he or she is, is uncertain, as well as intangible to human touch. It may only be lain upon by a poised cerebral state. I believe that genius is only great aptitude for patience.

I believe in the serendipity of not knowing—but I don’t believe in luck…well, just a little bit. I believe in the “free man” (and/or woman). I believe in Rising above weakness, for weakness is only a restriction of the mind and body, stamped upon me like a label by those who make up my surroundings because I didn’t meet their “standards.” I believe that all other people’s standards of me are insignificant, and that I set my own standards to which I choose to live up too. I believe in being able to have my feet on the ground but my head in the clouds.

I believe in Rising above and being true to whom you really are, because without your veritable self —I do believe that you are lost in this magnificent world.