What Determination.

Alex - Reno, Nevada
Entered on November 26, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family, gratitude

When I was little, my Mom worked extremely hard to give my sisters and I the things that we wanted. The minute my Mom found out the good news of not one but three pregnancies, she opened three savings accounts. She put five dollars in each account every month, and swore that she would never take any money out. And she didn’t.

My Mom had three kids in less than two years. That’s a challenge within its self. With only one set of hands, and three little girls who all need the same amount of love and attention, my Mom made it work.

No matter how much money she had at the time, or the money lack there of, she put money away. I was six years old when my parents got divorced. With the man of the house gone, so was the money. My family went from living more than comfortably, to living from paycheck to paycheck. Although we were on the verge of really being in trouble, my Mom still put that money in those savings accounts every month. She wanted the best for us, and she was going to make it happen, no matter the circumstances.

I thank my Mom everyday for the way she handled our more than unhappy situation. I believe that when a person decides to have a child, this is the mentality that they should take. Having a child should be number one priority. Thanks to my Mom my sisters and I all have the luxury of having our own car, and the privilege of going to college. Though my Mom has since remarried, she has the pride of knowing that she did that for her kids. She did that by herself, and I will never forget that. I thank her each and everyday for putting her children first.