This I Believe

Jayce - Wasoe Valley, Nevada
Entered on November 25, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: pleasure

Quoting my dad, I believe that you can have any thing in moderation including moderation. What that quote means is that you can have anything in a certain amount if you know you can have it. For example, you can take as much food as you want but can you finish all of the food you took. Another example is sports, you can practice all you want but eventually you will get burned out. My sisters and I are on the Reno Aquatic Swim Team and we are required to swim 4-8 times a week, well we once swam every day that we could and we had absolutely no energy left at the end of the week. When you move up in an age group the practice requirements go up the highest in RAC (Reno aquatic club) is 8-11 times a week, that is a lot of practice.

Moderation means without excess; moderately; temperately. So if you were to drink too much soda or eat too much candy you would probably get a stomach ache.