This I Believe

Brennan - Reno, Nevada
Entered on November 25, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Education + Hardwork – Drugs = Success and the American Dream

I believe in Success. I believe anyone has the potential to be successful at anything they put effort into. Being a sophomore in high school, I am able to deeply ponder my future and where it’s heading as well as where I want to go. The profound desire to succeed constantly comes to mind. Success gives us a life without hardships and worry. It takes away the boundaries that limit what I can do with my life. Right now, many people are moving themselves and their families to the United States looking for a better life. Because we are advancing so exponentially, both economically and technologically, we are given an enormous selection of jobs that we can do.

Because of all the information I get on Iraq and the other Arab countries in ROTC, I know what happens outside the states and how much worse their lifestyle’s are. Those countries don’t have very much technology, and most if their play is had outside. The officials there are allowed to be unfair and cruel. Every school charges tuition, so if you aren’t successful and don’t have money, you’re allowed to send your child to school and your family is treated with disrespect and malice. In those countries, money is an essential facet to living comfortably or without contempt.

If you have the brains to succeed in America but don’t have the money, there is still an opportunity to make it through, one way or the other. When my dad was a child his family was poor, he and his brothers worked around the house when they were three and got jobs when they were nine. My dad worked hard all his childhood and had a very good paying job that would stay with for a long time at age 17. He wanted to go to college and get a proper education, but he couldn’t afford it. Reluctantly abandoning the great job he had, recruited into the Air Force in search of a college education so that he could be more successful. After many hard years of jet flight and in-service college he retired from the military at age 29. With a college education, he started his up rise towards success. He began working as a construction manager for a company and was later promoted to Project Manager. After many years of promotions and pay raises, he is now the president of the Builder’s Association of Fernley making well over a $150,000 income.

Success is the American Dream, to live a life void of all problems and without care. But success can’t be defined under one single subject. The opportunity to succeed exists everywhere, all around us, and each person succeeds in something every day; lest it be learning to walk, going to school, working hard, or lounging around, we all succeed.

Education + Hardwork – Drugs =Success and the American Dream