This I Believe

Grace - Chester, Connecticut
Entered on November 25, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that religion is unique to everyone. And who would know better than me? after all, after being raised in an agnostic-congregational-episcopalian family, how could i not be a little torn? At the age of six, my grandmother was dressing me up on Sundays and dragging me to church with her, while my mother refused to set foot in one even for her wedding. By the time i was nine, enamored with asian culture as i was, my mother bought me a buddha with a little book of information on his religion, and just like that, i was captivated. i became a buddhist, not really knowing what it was, meditating here and there, while still saying the christian prayers my father had taught me every night. But why not? saying you’re a buddhist without really being one is the same as being a non-practicing christian. but now, after studying it a little more extensively than that little book, i’ve realized that i could never do it. i looked at the every religion i could find, but none fit. i even tried atheism, but, not to sound cliched, i like being able to blame a force outside of myself when things go wrong. So i created my own religion, where everyone is right (other religions are just facets of the same god) and God is forgiving and willing to bargain. Most importantly, in this new religion, you don’t have to be afraid. if you forget to pray (or just never do), my view of God won’t send you to hell. Or if you screw up and hurt someone, my version of God will forgive you, as long as she knows that you meant well. I don’t think religion should be about being wrong and fear. It should be about learning from your mistakes and forgiving yourself for them.