This I Believe

Makenzie - Mpls, Minnesota
Entered on November 25, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

This I believe

I believe music can cure all sadness.

Whether its rock and roll, smooth jazz, hip hop, rap, or pop, music has that unique rhythm that can express ones feelings. It could simply be a song devoted to an artist’s time of grief or happiness, over looking a situation. I believe music can cure all sadness, no matter the person.

I can look back on a time when life was getting hard for two of my closest friends; times that involved parents separating, moms moving out, and that mystery man that came out of the cracks. Hearing the ongoing suffering that over took their emotions, and the expressions that followed after each sob. I couldn’t even imagine being in their place, seeing the amount of change one would just have to adapt to.

“No family is perfect,” my mom always says. “As much as some people would like to think, all couples fight, and disagree. But they all have a choice as to how they handle those situations when they come. Some simply choose to walk away when things are no longer functional,” my mom replied understanding what a teen could feel, remembering her emotion when her mom did the same.

I would call Angilene often (since she attended a different school,) and see Lydia almost every day at school. Sometimes she would come over to hang out where I was willing to do anything to cheer her up, she also wanting so much just to forget as well. I would think about some of my really bad frumpy days, and the key that always made me happy, besides chocolate. MUSIC! That was it, so from that day on I made “up to date” mixes for Lydia starring some of our favorite songs that she would blast in her room. You know I truly don’t know what it is in music that makes those sad rainy days disappear. Maybe it’s that feeling that music artists portray giving you hope, or that spark of strength the beat conceals inside your body. That feeling that you are in a different world, perhaps sitting right next to Alicia keys, or Prince.

Remembering all the times my Sister and I have taken advantage of the volume on the stereo, and have goofed around as we come up with silly dance moves laughing till we drop. Music mainly causing us to want to move or sing into our hair brushes as we act like a couple of crazies, but at least we’re happy.