This I Believe

Kwadwo (Joe) - , Palmdale, California
Entered on November 25, 2007
Age Group: 50 - 65
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This I believe:

I Believe Religion is an Impediment to World Peace

The majority of mankind has been in the grip and held captive by the three major religions – Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Each of these religions is comprised of different sects and belief systems. The fundamentalists in these religions try to monopolize God – JHWH, Jehovah/Jesus/Holy Ghost, and Allah as exclusively theirs. In other words, anyone who does not accept their views and interpretations of their doctrines as well as practices in their religion is branded derogatorily as a heathen, pagan, gentile, worldly, non-believer etc. deserving of death, eternal damnation in hell-fire or beheading by the sword. In effect, they claim to being the exclusive group belonging to God. They claim to be the ‘chosen’, ‘saved’, ‘blessed’ ones and worthy of redemption or salvation by their God or savior with eternal bliss in some paradise, either in heaven or on earth.

Religion has wreaked havoc, twisted minds and enslaved the majority of mankind. Even though Religion, as a social construct, can be a force for some good, it has been the root cause of divisiveness, hate and wars resulting in genocides of peoples deemed unworthy of their ‘God’s grace and mercy’. Consider the wars fought by the Jews and the genocide and ethnic cleansing of the Amorites, Canaanites, Edomites, Moabites, Aites and Amelekites who were people of African descent. Consider also the Moslem Jihads against Christians, forced conversion by the sword, trans-Sahara and the East African slave trade in North and East Africa which resulted in the death and enslavement of over 15 million Africans, the 9/11 tragedy perpetrated by Moslem men. What about the heinous trans-Atlantic slave trade of Africans carried out by Christians, supported and encouraged by Christian Churches and funded by Jews who also provided slave ships? Let’s not leave out the slavery, segregation and discrimination of Black People in America, supposed to be a Christian nation, genocide by White Christians against Native Americans, and the Evangelical Right’s encouragement, support and promotion of the Iraq war against Moslems in the name of bringing democracy to the Islamic world which includes conversion to Christianity. President George Bush believes that the Islamic ‘civilization’ is inferior to Christian ‘civilization’ whatever that means. We cannot forget the fight by the Southern Baptist organization against the civil rights movement led by Dr Martin Luther King in the sixties, etc. I should mention the struggle between the Israelis and the Palestinians – Judaism against Islam that is a constant nuisance and a threat to world peace, each side believing in ‘eye for an eye and blood for blood’ also has religious influence.

My study and examination of the Bible – Genesis to Revelation, compared to discoveries by modern science, and common observations of nature and every day experience have caused me to re-evaluate my beliefs and analyze the teachings of my religion and the Bible of which these religions are based. If the Bible claims to be the word of God then its’ truths should be able to stand up to any challenge or criticism. We should not be coerced into accepting and obeying it blindly without question considering the history of these religions. I reject the notion that everybody must believe in something or have faith in some God even though that faith is based on lies, fables, fallacies and myths. I believe that faith must be based on concrete evidence and truth should be supported by facts based on solid evidence. Anything short of that is deception. And, there are a lot of liars, thieves, con-men, pimps, charlatans out there masquerading as ‘holy men’, anointed ones, leaders, pastors, bishops, popes, prophets etc. who have made perpetuating and peddling the story of the Bible for profit.

After a careful analysis of the Bible, I have concluded that the God of Israel, YHWH (Yahweh or Jehovah) is neither my god nor the god of Black People who can trace their ancestry to Africa. Yahweh is unknown to my African ancestors neither Allah nor Trinity. The overwhelming scientific evidence based on paleontology, anthropology, radiometric dating, studies of the y-chromosome and mitochondrial DNA, melanin and commonsense point to Africa as the origin of the human race. Science clearly indicates that all people living today and during the past 100,000 years either lived or migrated from Africa. This is fact, experiential reality. The notion that we all descended from biblical Adam who lived in a Garden of Eden, somewhere in Iraq only six thousand years ago, is simply a lie, a fallacy and a myth. As an African who migrated to this country 30 years ago, I believe that I and anyone of African descent did not descend from Adam. The sin of Adam and the curse of Ham, based on the story of Noah’s global flood, have been the basis of hate, genocide, slavery and discrimination of people of African descent by adherents of these religions, even though these stories have no factual basis. We, the African people, were never sinners and should not assume Adams sin and his curse. I believe we do not need the saviors of Judaism, Christianity or Islam.

It is time for people everywhere, regardless of color and creed, to accept this simple fact: that we are all Africans. Indeed we are one race of Africans sharing a common brotherhood and sisterhood. When we come to this scientific and factual realization we will no longer allow religion to divide us and promote hate of one group against another. We will not promote hate against other minority groups based on the teachings of the Bible, Talmud or Koran. My hope is that we will all open our eyes, ears and more importantly our minds and see the real impediment of peace which is religion, and act accordingly. The only thing to do courageously is to challenge these forces of hate that prevent world peace. I believe it is time to leave religion. Without its membership it will die.

Having quit religion, I no longer see and judge others based on their religion. I have peeled of the lenses of religion from my eyes and now view all I meet as my brothers and sisters. Religion is no longer relevant in my life and I am more tolerant and accepting of others I meet in my daily life. To paraphrase Dr. Martin-Luther King, I no longer judge others on the basis of their religion but rather on the content of their character and personality. We are all brothers and sisters.

When we all leave religion then we can work together to solve the real serious and multitude of problems we face in the world and share the resources of the world without regard to nationality or ‘race’. I believe that the destruction of religion is what is needed to bring about world peace. I encourage all to think about it and work towards destroying religion, not one of them but all.

This I believe.