This I Believe

Sarah - salt lake city, Utah
Entered on November 25, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: nature

This I Believe:

I believe that nature is a rejuvenating balm for the soul. Nature inspires creativity and awe, soothes the nerves and calms the heart, daunts the mind, and strengthens the body. Nature is beautiful and terrifying, intricate and grandiose; from the tiniest microbe or insect to the most colossal mountain, river or tree. I have spent my fair share of hours in nature, years worth of hours. I have witnessed transformation in others and experienced it in myself. I’ve had the incredible opportunity to assist others to be in nature, those who have spent little to no time there before. I have been able to be in nature with expert and novice alike. Once present in nature it is difficult if not impossible to ignore. If you pay attention, if you tune in, you become connected. Leading trips for a variety of people, spending time alone or with friends I have seen the beauty instilled. I have had the opportunity to watch a child’s face as she discovers an insect, see a person with a spinal cord injury float down a river for the first time since his accident, and share the breeze on my face while on a bicycle for two with a man who had recently lost his vision. These and other examples have continually re-affirmed my belief. In nature, people relax or are invigorated. They are motivated to try new things, to simply sit and be with one another or to create amazing art via word, song, pen or hand. It puts people at peace so they can be open to themselves and others. This I believe. Find nature. Perhaps a potted plant on your brownstone stoop, a bush in the local park, an abandoned lot, your backyard garden, your local mountain, your favorite stream, or miles into the wilderness. Sit in that natural place and wait…wait…wait…be present…what do you notice…what do you believe?