This I Believe

Katarina - Reno, Nevada
Entered on November 25, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I was having one of those stressful days that everyone seems to go through; I was collapsed on my bed with papers everywhere. I had a throbbing headache. I was close to crying, and an ipod was within reach. I slipped on the earplugs and hit play. A song that I’d love to waltz to if I could and my headache melted away; closing my eyes, I could wear there was a live performance right in front of me.

Music is bewitching and luring, the power and its beauty in whatever shape or form it comes in. I’m sure it’s always said that music is healing like laughter is healing, but music seems to be more than that. Of course it is healing, I do agree wholeheartedly but it deserves better than that. It isn’t scenery to me, it’s not any sort of shape, it’s simply too much to describe; it can render someone speechless. I could say music seeps into someone like water, that it’s the wonderful feeling whisper, “This is for me”. It’s true yet it’s more.

Music can be described simply as organized sound pleasing to the ear. It can also be the thing that drowns everything out in that one instant where I can just listen. It never requires anything of you but to listen.

Music makes me want to swat. It makes me want to dance. It makes me want to smile.

Drowning, like I said before (or nearly drowning) comes to mind. Last week in my art class; I was painting a self-portrait while listening to music. I was flipping through songs with a brush in hand and stopped on a title I adored. Sweet, melodious sounds of piano drowned out the annoyance of the girls talking around me.

It seemed like a spell made to make everything to pay attention, be quiet, and have a bubble of silence where you can completely relax. It’s that beautiful feeling where you can let go and listen.