This I Believe

Melinda - Riverton, Utah
Entered on November 24, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: integrity

Truth is quieter than a lie. Lies shout out and are chaotic. Truth stands its ground and holds it peace.

In reviewing my life experiences, I have found the most regrettable times in my life, have been when I created and then gave birth to a lie. A lie is garish and abusive to the soul who created it and when shared it inflicts harm to another soul.

I recall lying to family members, friends, bosses…anyone. I was afraid of the truth. I was afraid I wouldn’t measure up to the person I had lied to. I assumed I would fail to meet their expectations–I would be found lacking of worth. I remember lying to make myself appear knowledgeable and wise. I lied to divert responsibility for a wrong choice. The destruction my lies left was absolute. Hundreds of “What if’s…” live in my memories. Almost all of them were given life by a lie.

Lying thinks it can murder and bury the truth. In fact, the lie causes the truth to live endlessly in my mind—revealed and unbroken. If I had been honest about my fears, if I had been quiet, rather than filling the silence with empty fearful words…if only.

Now, I’ve learned the price of peace of mind, is uncontaminated honesty. I pay the price willingly. If I’m asked a question, “What do you think…” I answer or I simply reflect back the question. I claim ownership of my choices. I have fewer regrets and peace is wonderful!

Honesty is a gift I give from myself to others which returns to me in triple blessings. I don’t try to impress or pose, I am revealed to them when I speak and I don’t care if they accept or reject me, but I am honest. I do care if I can look another person in the eye and speak soul to soul with integrity.