This I Believe

Mary - Sullivan, Maine
Entered on November 23, 2007
Age Group: 65+

This I believe.

After living almost for eighty years and being fortunate enough to have lived in different areas of our beautiful country and some visits to foreign lands as well. And after living through world war 11 as well as all of the upheavals that followed I have reached the conclusion that in spite of it all we are all a part of God regardless of our religion or faith. I believe with all my heart that peace begins with each one of us. If there is a difference with a neighbor or co- worker it is up to me to mend it. If the other wishes to continue the disagreement I will respect his or her choice knowing that only I am responsible for my behavior. Tolorance and respect are the order of the day but love is all and if we can understand that other’s pain or troubles may cause them to act in hurtful or angry ways we should try to understand and if possible be of help.