This I Believe

Jessica - Reno, Nevada
Entered on November 21, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

My Feet Will Be Seen

I believe in passion. I believe in working for what you want, and not giving into disbelief.

I have been dancing since I could stand. The movements run in my blood.

I went through depression a few years ago. It was my fall. I quit believing in myself, in life, in the drive that passion can give you. I started rejecting dance. I kept thinking: “What is the point of doing this if I can never make it anywhere?” I spent my time wallowing, pushing myself to believe that nothing happy existed, that my dreams would never come true. I convinced myself that nothing could change it, that I was right in these beliefs..

I got lost, in a horrible maze that I see people get stuck in all the time, letting there disbelief turn into their weakness.

After some therapy I was okay, better to be on my own, and start believing in life again. But, I had still lost all my hope for dance. It was the one thing that I wanted, the one thing that kept me breathing through all the hard times, and here I was so far away.

One day I was home alone, watching videos on YouTube. I found an amazing video of Alessandra Ferri, who danced with American Ballet Theatre. I watched it over and over again, crying the whole time. The passion in their eyes, the passion in my heart. It matched and I knew it. I could feel it burning, and you know what I did? Pulled my head out of my butt… to put it nicely. I realized I needed to work for what I wanted.

Within the last month every aspect of my dancing has improved immensely. I started to believe in my own passion. I felt it, the feeling that makes your whole body well up inside, the feeling that can make a dancer’s body move.

I have confidence in everything I do now. I don’t ever let myself say that I can’t…or that I won’t, because I have goals and I will make it somewhere. I’m optimistic about everything, and I believe that good things come my way. I’m ready to be a grown up now….go out into this world…and show them what I’m all about. Show them the passion in my eyes. Let them know that I am meant to be on that stage.