This I Believe

tina - west valley city, Utah
Entered on November 21, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: golden rule

I believe that if all we did in this life was keep the “Golden Rule”, this dream I had could be a reality… I dreamed about a princess.

Her name was Princess Rose, and she was amountain. I wanted to hike the mountain so that I could wake her up. I saw at the top of the mountain there was a Chief. His name was Buffalo Chief. He was waiting for me to climb the sleeping mountain. It was called Goddess Mountain. But I could see clearly that the top of the mountain was not called Goddess Mountain. It had a different name. It was called “the Wedding of Chief Buffalo and Princess Rose.” I wanted to go to that wedding. Standing up in the wedding I looked down into the valley below.

I saw the small town where I had once lived was gone. In its place was a dwelling known as “Cheyente”, or God’s church. It was as if the Natives of Earth, the true meek inheritors of the earth, had been returned to all of their natural places in the four corners of the earth through living the “Golden Rule”. There was peace and so much joy and loving in this place that the land sang, everything sang a joyful new song into the universe.

All people took joy in each other. There was no ownership in this place. There was no mother, father, brother, or sister, religion, boundary or property line. There were no restrictions and no time clocks stealing lives away, all living in equality under the Golden Rule… The mountains, i.e. the wealthy and those set above others were moved out of the way. The islands, i.e. the false boundaries invented by man were gone.

There was universal love. God told the universe a story about Earth and all of her children, and we allowed it to be a love story by living by only one truth, the “Golden Rule”.

I just happened to notice and read the back of my auto insurance policy card. This is what it says;

If you are in an accident

1 Remain at the scene. Don’t admit fault.

2 Call the police to report the accident.

3 Exchange information with the other driver(s).

4 Call Progressive immediately.


Then I changed the words a little;

1 If you collide with unloving feelings, forget blame and remember, “Do unto others as you would have done unto you.

2 Call on God and report everything!

3 If this involves another person, exchange some friggin’ honest information that is not about guile or blame!

4 Then call yourself progressed closer to God, because this is where you are when you love one another.