This I Believe

Dylan - Everson, Washington
Entered on November 21, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

Camping with Family

As I felt myself sinking, losing air I lost my shoe. But then when I thought I was done for I felt a strong grip on my arm pulling me along out of the water. It was my cousin troy. Then I saw my mom running toward me yelling to see if I was alright.

I almost always used to drown but my cousins always saved me so it was no big deal, but this time they were almost too late.

My family and I always went camping during the summer for about a week and we’d light off fireworks and tell old family stories. We would camp in a place called the “Property”. This was a camping spot (in deming I believe) which you had to drive along a path through an automobile junkyard to get to the Nooksack River.

So as you could imagine we swam in the river a lot and we especially liked to play in the log jams. Some people lived there like hippies, and you could hear funny noises like wolves, fireworks owls, people, and people making owl noises. We had a great time there especially with our family (well some family) But now the property has been flooded so it is no longer our camping spot.