Procrastination, I Say the Nay

jake - Ames, Iowa
Entered on November 21, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Others believe that winning and hard work is a way of life, but I think that there’s something that gets lost in the translation and that’s doing your homework. Without homework one couldn’t possibly learn what the teacher is trying to teach. If you don’t do your homework you couldn’t play sports or other extracurricular activities. I personally always do my homework, and I always hand it in on time.

I also believe that your homework should take more than thirty minutes for you to do; you can’t just type some words on paper and say it’s good enough, if you want it to be good you need to spend time on it. When a teacher gives you a week to do it in class and even more time to work on it at home; use that time. Don’t just sit in class cracking jokes and making fun of people, then blow it off when you get home. Do your work.

Just remember that procrastination is never the key; that is what I live my life by. Some people want to be the biggest or win all the time, and even sit on their couch and play with their new-fangled gadgets and watch TV. But you’ll never find me watching TV, no sir not me, when I’m given an assignment I work on it until it’s perfect (at least in my eyes). I know some people who don’t do it until the night before it’s due…I know, how pathetic is that? I mean how hard is it to do when the assignment is given. Seriously can you believe some people?

In some homework cases like writing, it’s not the student’s fault. Sometimes he just has the worst time coming up with something to write about, in which case I don’t feel that he should be penalized for that. But on the other hand, the teachers handed us the syllabus the first day of school, and we should be aware of their late policy.

I realize that not everyone’s essay is going to be as good as mine and that’s simply because they didn’t spend as much time on their as I did, but in the end it balances out because the people who put the most work into and spend the most time on their paper should get the better grade. Well, I guess we’ll see.