The Power to Change

T - Napoleon, Ohio
Entered on November 21, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that people can change, but it’s the effort they make that makes them a better person. Throughout my life, I have witnessed a lot of change, but one change sticks the most in particular.It was my mother. For six years as a small child I witnessed some of the worst years of my life. My mom was an alcoholic. Whether it was going out with friends, going to the bars, or just sitting at home, she drank. My brother and I were always at the babysitters. Some nights, we even spent the night with our babysitter. I really didn’t like this. I hated my mom’s drinking problem; I hated the person she was when she drank. Yeah I loved my mother, but she really was never there. She never was there to watch my brother and I grow up. My babysitter practically raised us, or it seemed like that to me.

In 1996, my mom began to realize she had a problem. One of her friends recommended she to go to an A.A. meeting to get help. My mom agreed and even though she wasn’t happy about going, she went. My mother didn’t think it was so bad after she went. She began to go more and more everyday; I could see a change in her. She began to be a more happy person.

Today, my mom has been sober for 11 years. She’s been a better mother. Her recovery, I can say, was one of the best thing that could happen to her and the best thing that could happen to me. She changed for the better and it makes me proud to see my mom and how happy she is instead of wasting her life away with booze. I use to not believe in change, but seeing my mother go from the alcoholic she was to the person she is today I believe that all people can change. I don’t believe someone can change another person, but I do believe that a person can help themselves . Many people may have people there to support them, but they are the only ones that can make the change. Change is said to be painful, but it’s a gift in life everyone goes through.