This I Believe

Donovan - southdennis, Massachusetts
Entered on November 21, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: sports

This I Believe

Have you ever experienced that cool tingly feeling when the wind hits your face while running? Have you ever had the opportunity to reach the finish line and you’ve placed in the top three at your track and field meet? Do you know how it feels when you partake in something that you love so much and it brings your grades up, then you start to do better in school? Well I do. I believe that running is healthy in more ways than one.

Every morning when I wake up and I get on the bus to go to school I see people of all ages running. I think aloud, “WOW! A lot of people must share my belief if they’re out there running too.” People who run in the morning to get exercise not only run to get fit but it also wakes them up and clears their head for a new day. Additionally, it has been proven that when we exercise, such as running, the body releases endorphins. Endorphins are a chemical that produces positive feelings and emotions. Thus, most likely runners run because they generate these endorphins which lead them to feel high on life. This I know, can be addicting. My body produces these endorphins when I run and this creates an awesome feeling that I never want to go away.

My running started in eighth grade on a whim; I decided to join the Wixon track team. I loved it and that’s when I knew that Track and Field was my sport. Not only was it healthy for my body, but it was also healthy for me mentally. For example, when I started to run track my grades went up. I was doing a lot better in school, and I was actually doing my homework! Another way it is been helpful to me is on an emotional level. For instance jogging has made me a happier person and I have stopped being mad all the time. It also brightened my day. Additionally I love it when the wind hits my face while I’m running, and when my calf muscle cramps up. When this occurs, I know I’ve been trying my hardest. Furthermore, I love it when I reach the finish line and I place in the top ten. I feel the positivity screaming through my veins. This experience overlaps in my everyday life too. I’m far more motivated in my classes and I want to excel in my academics. For these reasons, I believe that running is healthy in more ways than one.

Overall, I think that many other people agree with this belief because I see them doing it all the time. This affects my life and the way I live because it makes me feel happy about myself. It also helps me control my anger, and it just makes my life feel much more bright. I believe that in a few years from now I’m going to be in college running track and I’m going to have a wonderful time doing what I love. Maybe I’ll even make it to the Olympics – who knows. Overall, running is healthy in more ways than one. This I believe.