This I Believe

Baylin - 94941, California
Entered on November 20, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

In school being popular seems like the most important thing. Everyone

wants to be like that one certain girl. You buy clothes that look like

theirs, some girls go on diets to try and look like models. Try to

achieve being perfect and yet in this “journey” to perfection they

loose who they are. They become somebody else, they hide their real

personality and put on a mask of someone else’s. As if being a teenager

isn’t hard enough. Some people want to be like everyone else so badly

they’d do anything, but rarely some teenager comes along and says “I

don’t care what other people think of me, I’m going to be myself and

if you don’t like me then you don’t have to”. Those people put a smile

on my face, some people strive for popularity and perfection but I

want to be myself without people judging me. No matter what I do

people will always judge me and I know that but I believe that I

shouldn’t care what they think of me.

Middle school is hard not only the academics but socially. The people

who everyone considers “popular” are who everyone looks up to because

they’re pretty or amazing athletes, but I’m here to tell you that you

shouldn’t look up to them because everyone is equal no matter how you

look or how good at sports you are. People should be measured by their

kindness because when you truly shine is when you show your

personality. You shouldn’t strive for perfection or to be popular

because those people who you call “popular” are chosen by you and if

you choose to look up to them they will stay “popular” but if you are

yourself and prove them wrong they will lackluster and you will shine.

If you try not to care about what others think of you instead of them

being mean to you they will look up to you because by not caring what

they think about you is crushing them without even having to say


Everyone at my school looks up to this certain group of people and I

don’t even know why people do but they just do. Girls buy clothing

that looks like theirs so they aren’t frowned upon when they walk by.

Girls put on tons of make up to look like them. But worst of all the

girls at my school try to act like them. They give up what they love

and who they are just so they can sit with those people and talk with

them. To me that seems stupid to give up all of that just for a group

of people that talk about you behind your back, they’ll be super great

friends. If just one person doesn’t care what people think of them and

doesn’t care about what those “popular” people say about them those

people will tease them but they won’t care and eventually they will

respect them for being themselves and not being crushed when someone

talks about them behind their backs.

These people try and try to strive for perfection and popularity but

I believe that everyone should be themselves, and not judge other

people just because they aren’t popular. Those “popular” people may

not like you or talk to you because you aren’t exactly like them

although if you are yourself you will have something that they don’t.

You would have your own personality something that no one can take

away from you. Those people would be so surprised that you aren’t

trying to be exactly like them and for once the light would shine on

you. You would smile because you know that you aren’t a fake or a

wannabe you are yourself. I believe that you should be yourself and

you shouldn’t strive for perfection or popularity and you shouldn’t

care what other people think of you.