This I Believe

Sean - Reno, Nevada
Entered on November 20, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: humanism, purpose

I believe that everybody is here on our planet for a reason. Everybody has a purpose in everyone else’s life, and everyone contributes to something good in their lifetime. Without them in our world, the world would not be as good of a place. I think that people should value their lives because they do have a purpose and affect everyone around them.

I see people who don’t value their life whatsoever and don’t think that anybody benefits from them. There are so many people that feel like this now, and you see it in statistics of people that commit suicide. They don’t understand that they really do contribute to something good, and I think that if people understood that they do have a place in the history of the world, they would be happier and their life would seem like a more valuable commodity.

I think that everybody has a role, no matter how pointless you think your life is. Even though some people may think that they are just put to the side and are in the way, I disagree and I think that sometime in their life they will make a significant contribution to the world. It’s not just the great inventors and philosophers that make good contributions to humanity.

Also, people affect other people during their lives. You might be friends with someone and your influences on that person could make that person do something good, that they wouldn’t have done otherwise. Your place on this earth can also be something not so obvious like, maybe, you moved into a house that somebody else wanted to move into, forcing them to move to some other state, and being in that state they came up with the cure for cancer, that they wouldn’t have otherwise living in the house that you got to move into.

Also, lately in the news there was a homeless person that won a chess tournament against the top players in the U.S. So some time in your life you will do something special that inspires everyone. Even little things you may not notice now, may come up again later in your life.

Your purpose could be a negative thing as well though too. Not only people that do positive things help other people. Because of one drunk driver getting in a car crash, that person has influenced someone to make a program against drunk drivers, which has saves thousands of lives. And all because that one negative action was turned into a positive thing

I think that everyone here shapes our future and they are important to everyone around them. When someone is not around to contribute their life and learning, the world will suffer something that can never be made up.