This I Believe

Megan - Chateaugay, New York
Entered on November 20, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Have you ever been in trouble or were about to get in trouble, then your best friend shows up and sticks up for you? Well if you haven’t it is nice to have a friend or a few friends that care for you and they will be there for you no matter what happens.

Friends will always be a big part of your life. When you are upset, or need help with something they are always there for you. It’s nice to have friends who care. Close friends are like your real relatives and family you live with. They are by your side every step of the way you need them or you need their help with something difficult. If they do not know what to do they will find a way or find someone who will be able to help.

When I was sick, my best friend was there for me when she could be, she brought me soup to feel better, my books and homework I missed from school when I could not go in for the day. Good friends are always there when you need them. When I had broken my ankle, my best friend was also there for me then too. She was there to help me to class so I wasn’t late, she carried my books down the halls for me, she was there when I needed help down the stairs, and got my lunch for me.

When you are sick, in trouble, or just need someone to talk to, just ask your best friend and she’ll be there if she isn’t already by your side. You will want and need to have at least one friend to be there for you when you need them. Friends can also be a very important for the fact that you can tell them anything and it wouldn’t get spread around the school. Also, friends are good to have to talk to because some teenagers just can’t talk to their parents about certain things and just simply have fun together.

Sometimes when you are bored and have nothing to do then you should definitely call your friends! Usually most of your friends shouldn’t have a problem if you need something. Some are stingy, careless, and helpless. It is hard to find a few good friends. Sometimes it may take awhile to find your real true friends. When you don’t go out looking for friends they may come to you, it just takes time.

A good friend will tell you the truth. If you are wearing something you don’t know if you like or if you don’t know if it looks good on you, your best friend will tell you whether she likes it or not and if it looks good. She won’t lie and say “oh you look good!” when you really don’t. Friends are very important. You should make sure you choose the right friends who will not get you in trouble but keep you out of it and not lie to you.