This I Believe

John - Union Mills, North Carolina
Entered on November 20, 2007
Age Group: 50 - 65

?When we are born, we come into this world with our eyes open, we hope, but for me, I

have found that prospective is everything.

I believe that Global warming exists and like many other, it is our most important issue of

the day not only for us but for the worlds future. See I am not only a pilot but also a wine maker

and with both perspectives allows me to see and understand what our leaders in Washington

can’t or won’t.

Making wine is much like our existence on this planet. It is said that God has given us

everything we need on this island home we call earth and it’s true. When I make wine, I kind of

play God in that I create a world within the fermentor that is perfect. All the food is there, all the

air they need, everything perfect, just like this earth. The yeast is added and the yeast just like

people begin to procreate. They form colonies, grow and die and the process continues. And like

our world, they pollute their environment and continue to expand their population. They begin to

use more and more of the resources, and as they do they create heat within their world and they

also create CO2, sound familiar.

As time goes on their population continues to grow as does the levels of pollution withing

their world and then one day it all comes to a sudden stop. The pollution and the temperature of

their environment rises so high a degree that there is a massive die off.

As I fly above the earth I can see not only down but straight ahead and what I see is the

beginning of the end or us. The day can be beautiful when I stand on the ground, but when I am

airborn, I can see the dirt from our lives form a layer all being held down on our planet by the

cold air above the warm dirty air.

I believe that just like the yeast in their world we have become as greedy, selfish and


So what can I as only one person do; the only thing I can think of, is point out the

pollution to everyone that flies with me. Who knows maybe I can be the one to plant the seed in

some fertile mind that springs forth with the answer.