This I Believe

r - napoleon, Ohio
Entered on November 20, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

My senior year of high school, there were many people who would like to continue on with their education, others want the whole thing to be over and then some who just don’t really care. I believe that everyone knows who their true friends and you should stick by them as long as you can. Everyone has had at least one friend that was always there for them and their friendship still remains strong, While others could not stand the test of time. My parents still have friends from when they graduated in ‘82, they still hang out and go places every now and then. My grandparents have always told me to have fun when you’re young because when you’re older you will have lots of responsibilities. Even when you get older and you have a family you can always make time to hang out with your friends. You can always count on your friends to be there for you when the times are rough or you are feeling down in the dumps. After I graduate and grow up I am still going to try and do as many fun activities as I can with my friends. When I am old enough and start a family I will still keep in contact with my close friends, and I will even tell my kids all about what I am telling you right now. There’s always going to be people that you don’t really care if you see again or not, but, for the people who are close to you, why would you want to just forget about all the years you have hung out and had fun. My grandma still has friends come over every Wednesday so they can get together and make quilts and just hang out and talk about the old days when gas was cheep. I hope I still hang out with my friends when I am that old. Everyone should stay by his or her close friends, and know that they will always be there for you and in return you will always be there for them.