This I Believe

Rya - Centennial, Colorado
Entered on November 19, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

Every person I have ever met has been determined not to be like their parents. I’ve heard that it is inevitable but I disagree. With each generation comes chance. The generations of my family are not only separated by age but also their actions, opinions, and even parenting styles.

My grandpa felt that sticking to a promise and trying your hardest were some of the most important things in life. This cause many arguments with his nine children, one of which was my dad. With nine kids strict punishments were used often and no friends were ever invited over. My grandpa worked long hours to provide for his family. It might not have left him much time to “play” with his children but they did respect him. As a child my Dad didn’t have a whole lot of money so he was unable to always get what he wanted. As a parent he wants me to have some of the things that he couldn’t, such as books and movies.

I have always played games and had fun with my dad while still having a kind of mutual respect. He also tries to be involved in my life and be there for me whenever I need him while still giving me a chance to be independent. Sometimes though, he is just too close and I get annoyed just like any other teenager. We argue a lot but I try to keep in mind that he is just trying his best and sometimes he just tries too hard. It’s easy to forgive him once I realize he loves me and I try to look past his faults and make sure that I don’t make the same mistake with other people.

My dad and I have never agreed on everything, no parent and their child do. We seem to have different views on many things but there is one thing we both believe. It is important to remember where you come from whether it is good or bad. You may not want to be like your parents or have your children live like you did, but remember your origins for they shape who you are.