This I Believe

Alexander - Salisbury, Maryland
Entered on November 19, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in a lot of important matters, but sometimes important stuff is not my priority. Some wise people say looking at the little things in life is the key to happiness. I believe in exceptions, in little things, and in knowledge. When I wake up, I see that the day is new, the troubles of yesterday are no more, and I have the power to write, figure out puzzles, and work through the valley of homework. At night, I notice how well the day went. There are those who have it worse off, and I am thankful that I live my life well. Those are the little things in life.

I am not one who follows my religion to the letter. I have been raised Jewish because my mom is Jewish. However, she says when people act on every law literally, they are on the verge of becoming a cult, not a religion. I believe in thinking for myself.

As for my belief in knowledge, I refer to the sad state of our popular culture. Many kids look at the sitcoms and see how those with brains are branded “losers.” Therefore, fewer kids score well, just so they appear “normal.” The schools then lower their standards accordingly. We end up going from “write a five paragraph paper about this book” to “make a diorama of a tree fort from the book,” and we become less bright. This is what I believe the most.

In the fourteen years I have been on this Earth, I have always been interested in how mankind is so strange. We are absorbed in the Utopian worlds described by fantasy books, movies, and games. Eight million users play the record setting fantasy game, World of Warcraft. Many play all day and night so they can brag about how much time they waste on this game. Why? It is because the fantastic sights, like dragons, and Night Elves, and Undead are so unreal that we love it. How is this relevant to my essay? The fact is a lot of people would rather waste time on a game, instead of facing the dullness of life. I am one of them. Yet, how can we survive as a race with eight million of our citizens playing World of Warcraft? Everything should be taken in moderation. When we waste too much time on games, we become unintelligent. However, this could be true even with doing homework. Eventually the brain goes “blah blah,” and then we stop learning and start regurgitating facts onto paper. No emotion, no meaning.

So, this sort of rambling essay is how I live my life. I believe in the knowledge we are given, and I observe our habits as humans. The world is cruel and hard, and then we hide in fantasy, like an ostrich. In this age, we overlook the smaller things. But I think we can change. In this, I firmly place my trust. In this… I believe.