This I Believe

Raechal - Reno, Nevada
Entered on November 19, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Have you ever had the thought “why cant everybody just get along?”

Well, I have that thought every day. And I don’t understand why people can’t just get along. I’m not saying that everybody has to be best friends. But it would make the world a whole lot easier to live in if everyone could try to cooperate. It feels like people are still feeling the affects of segregation. It makes me sad to think that people can’t get over their differences no matter how small. I think that everyone should be able to put aside their differences, and just cooperate and make peace. The world would be such an easier place to live in, and we wouldn’t have to worry about people getting in fights, and getting kicked out of school, or home, or getting in trouble with the police. And we wouldn’t have as many rules if people could be trusted easier. It would make trust not as much as an issue, and there would be a lot more freedom, and a lot more happy people. It would make the world a lot more likeable place.

When I first started going to Damonte Ranch High School the thing I was most excited about was the band program. The stuff they did sounded like so much fun, and I couldn’t wait to join the big happy family! Or so I thought. At least that is what the band director had told us. But that not what I found. When I actually started band I was utterly disappointed to find that that was the exact opposite. There was so much hatred and ill feelings that I could hardly stand it. The band that I heard so much about was nowhere to be found. I waited and waited for this marvelous band to appear, but that never happened. And I am still to this day waiting for that to happen. And I’m sad to say that at this point, I am doubting that I will ever find this band that I have looked for since I first started.

I do notice that if I try to go out of my way to do a good deed, or help someone, other people catch on, and try to, but not everyone. There are still those select few that refuse to put aside their old attitudes and to try to be unified. I believe that if everyone made an effort, we would be so much more successful. It makes me sad to think about how good we could really do, if everyone would just make an effort. And it’s not even something that difficult. Even simply smiling at someone, could change their whole day.

Its like something that Rachael Joy Scott talked about. Start a chain reaction. If you smile at someone, it could make the day better for hundreds of people, just by simply helping one person. People don’t realize the huge impact they have on the world. So next time you see someone who looks like their day isn’t going so well, just give them a quick smile. Who knows where it may go.