This I Believe

Bekah - centerville, Ohio
Entered on November 19, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that older is wiser. As a kid I grew up with a lot of older authorities in my life .As I grew up with them, I learned about them. When I got confused I would go to them for answers and advice, but as I grew older, I felt the need to grow apart from that branch. I remember the point in my life when I did whatever it took to be mature enough to be on my own. I think all of us have reached that point in our life where you want to break free from all protection. Unfortunately as I “matured,” I didn’t think I would be attempting to cut off my authority. I tried to make my own choices such as what I put my money towards or how much time I need to spend studying. With this power I tried to do the opposite of what my parents told me to prove I can make good choices without them. The example I have is when me and my friend Emily were given permission to go to each others houses. She told her parents she was at my house and I told mine that I was at hers. We decided to do as much stuff that we weren’t allowed to as possible to rebel for our freedom but we never thought our parents would find out. We were only fourteen so everywhere we went was on foot. We crossed the busy roads we weren’t allowed to, we ate places without tipping, disturbed the workers in the store and made as many problems as we could. As it got late we decided to go back to Emily’s house. Her parent’s didn’t care and surprisingly her parents didn’t think of this situation as being suspicious at all. Later that night we snuck up to meet with some boys and for being in the eighth grade, we were doing some risky stuff. We felt like we were all big and bad with the control we got by disobeying our parents. Little did Emily and I know, the busy road that we crossed was closed the next morning due to two cars speeding and crashed into electrical wire, leaving a huge mess. The restaurants waiter that we went to without tipping was her family’s new babysitter. The stores workers don’t treat us with the respect we wanted because they can’t take us serious from our earlier incident. Also her parents noticed that our shoes were by the door the next morning and caught us sneaking out. All this to say, I never think twice now when an authority gives me advice or supervision. I now see that my parents have an idea of what is going on even though they lived in a different generation. I believe older is wiser because they see the bigger picture that we can’t.