This I Believe

Dawn - Malone, New York
Entered on November 19, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: hope, illness

When I turned five I noticed that something was different about my cousin baby Steven. He was older than me but still looked like a baby. Just like all the other kids in the family my age or older noticed also. When I asked my mother she didn’t know how to explain it to me. All she could tell me was he had medical problems and to the family he was a miracle. To me and my family he is a miracle, and for this reason I believe in miracles.

Steven was born in November of 1982. The doctors noticed that something was wrong with him when he was born. He was having problems breathing and eating. They ended up sending him and my Aunt and Uncle to Burlington Hospital. The doctors there told my Aunt and Uncle that the soft spot that most babies are born with Steven didn’t have. The soft spot allows the brain to grow. Stevens was connected or fused together they explained not allowing his brain to grow. They also then told them that he wouldn’t grow like a normal child would. The biggest he would get is about the size of a four year old. Because of all these problems they gave him till he was five to live. He lived past that. But in 1992 he began to have problems. He began to have seizures. Although he has all these problems he still notices familiar people and voices. When he does he laughs and smiles. It makes you feel good to know that he can hear you and know you are there. Even though he can’t talk back that smile tells you that he is listening and hears you. But last year my family got a call saying that Steven was in the hospital he got the flu. He wasn’t eating and had many problems. He was in the hospital for two weeks. The doctors weren’t sure how he would do. But he got through it. Just like everything else. He is very strong to get through all this and I believe in him, and with everything he’s been through he is a miracle to me.

He is now going to be turning twenty five this month, and he has surpassed all the life expectancies the doctors have gave.