The Best Disease

Megan - Ames, Iowa
Entered on November 19, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: illness, purpose

I believe everything happens for a reason. I have lived by this quote throughout my life. It really helps me get through all the hard times in my life. I tell myself that quote when I am having a problem or bad day, and I wonder why this is happening to me because it seems like I can’t possibly handle any more stress.

Everyone in my graduating class knows me by this motto. When one of my friends is having a bad day or going through a hard time, I always remark, “Everything happens for a reason.” Every time I say my words of wisdom, I know I will always make them smile, no matter how upset they are.

This quote helped me a lot when I was younger! I was born with a genetic disease called Psoriasis. It is when your skin cells reproduce too quickly and it causes extreme dry skin. I was born with Psoriasis for a reason. It makes me the person I am today, and I also have the personality I have today because of it. I am a much stronger person than I would have been if I were born without this disease.

When I was in elementary school, the children would constantly make fun of me and call me names because of my skin condition. They would always say, “Oh, don’t touch her otherwise you will get that nasty disease too!” I would go home every single day bawling, and even cry myself to sleep some nights. I found myself always praying to God and asking him to make it all go away so I wouldn’t get made fun of anymore. That continued for many years until I finally knew that it was o.k. to be different. I slowly got the strength to tell people not to tease me anymore and stand up for myself. At that moment, I realized that all of this had happened for a reason.

Now a days, I find myself praying to God and thanking him for making me who I am, even with all my flaws. I now appreciate the fact that I have Psoriasis and in a strange way, I also appreciate all of the hard times I went through when I was younger, because it definitely made me who I am today. I truly believe that God gave me this disease for a reason, and I wouldn’t change it for the world!