This I Believe

Tiffany - Ames, Iowa
Entered on November 19, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

The Tune in My Heart and Head

I love music, and I live my life to a tune. My own tune, that is. No, not music, but my values that make up the person I am. My values sing a song loud and clear when I’m faced with tough dilemmas in life. I personally can’t hear my tune, but my body does, and it lets me know so. When something feels so right or wrong, something inside me makes a pain, good or bad, letting me know what I should do. I can say this confidently; my gut, my head, and my heart never fail me, well mostly.

What kind of tough situations am I talking about? Not life or death, but controversial to me; at least at the time they were. One situation I always remember about growing up was a time during kindergarten. My values and gut instinct were still developing, and didn’t help me out so much on this one. I was playing on my school playground one weekend, and one of my best friends was there. His name was Ryan. We swung on the swings, chased each other through the maze of playground, and laughed until our bellies hurt. Not long into playing, his big sister came to get him. All of the sudden, I was alone with her; Ryan had run off somewhere. She told me I should kiss Ryan! I was shocked and embarrassed. I really didn’t want to, but apparently I made Ryan cry because I wouldn‘t. Eventually he kissed me on the cheek, and I kissed him back. I immediately ran home and told my mom. She wasn’t so happy about me being coerced to kiss a boy, but she was proud of me for telling her. She was glad I knew that it wasn’t right for Ryan’s sister to force me into kissing him.

A little childish, I know, but that situation shaped me for the rest of my life. I don’t give in to being pressured to do anything. I don’t like doing things I don’t want to do, and I won’t do them if it makes me uncomfortable. I try to be a leader rather than a follower. I took charge with some of my friends, and helped my Junior Prom. Instead of doing what “everyone” is doing, I do what makes me happy, and is the most enjoyable. I love just hanging out at home, watching the news with my parents. The situation with my best buddy tested my honesty, and since then I always tell my parents everything. I don’t leave out any details that may be important to my parents. They trust me completely because I go off of my values; the values I learned from my parents. And those are the values that put a song in my head and heart, and I march to it, every day.