This I Believe

melissa - 12953, New York
Entered on November 19, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Sometimes you need to talk and listen.

Have you ever been talking with someone and you don’t get a word in

edgewise? Or how about wondering why someone does something you

think is weird or abnormal? Like someone sitting alone at lunch or

working alone in class. This is why I believe people should talk and


I believe that when your in a conversation with another person, and

its about something important, both people should be able to talk and

listen. I was once in an argument with my mom and all she did was

talk. She didn’t listen to anything I had to say. It made me mad

because I feel that even if I’m wrong, I should still have the right

to say something and tell her what I think. It would’ve been good

on her end if she would’ve stopped talking about what she thought

and started listening. This is why I also think people should listen.

I believe people should listen sometimes for a number of reasons.

Whether its serious or just something that’s random and whatever.

Has someone ever said something to you, and you hear it but you

don’t really hear it? Or someone your talking to says something like

“ your really conceded sometimes”. Or “your in a bad mood today”.

Maybe they’re right? Obviously for the first five minutes your just

Annoyed that someone said this…but maybe its true. I believe

Listening isn’t a bad thing.

I believe talking is a big part of listening, and listening is a big

Part of talking. If your looking for advice-but you keep rambling on,

Your not going to get anywhere unless you listen. If you’re the type of

Person who always listens, and holds stuff in, it’s a good thing to just

Let it out and talk. That’s why I believe that sometimes you need to

Talk and listen.